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Monday, February 21, 2005


“Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of myself and everyone else involved with making PWX III a special event, I wanted to take a moment to apologize to all of the fans, the good people at Brick Elks, and anyone who may have been bothered or offended by the events that took place during the Tag Team Elimination Match Saturday Night. What happened on the floor toward the end of the match was not a part of the show, and was brought under control as fast as possible. As soon as I was informed of what had happened I immediately confronted the wrestlers responsible back in the locker room. I would also like to apologize to anyone that may have heard that confrontation in the locker room. We at PWX do not agree at all with what happened, and there WILL be wrestlers that are no longer invited to compete in PWX due to this matter. This was an embarrassing moment for myself, as well as a bad mark on the sport of Professional Wrestling, and I assure the fans of PWX that this type of thing will not be tolerated in the future. We have a commitment to being as professional as possible, and anyone that will not display that level of professionalism I expect, will not be a part of what we do. Again on behalf of PWX, and on behalf if Independent professional Wrestling as a whole, I apologize.”

-PWX Owner Billy Rivell

Complete Results from PWX III – February 19th, 2005 – Brick Elks Lodge

Love connections, betrayals, and backstage brawls were all on the menu February 19th as Pro Wrestling Xplosion presented PWX III at the Brick Elks Lodge.

The night started off with Danielle Jackson and the National Anthem. Ms Jackson came out and let the fans know that now that she is a wrestling celebrity, she wishes to be referred to as “Diamond”. She then announced that she had a love interest for Deion Dollaz and wanted to get together with him after the show, claiming she found him to be a “sexy beast”.

About one line into the National Anthem, Deion Dollaz came out with Lowlife Louie Ramos. He demanded Diamond get in the ring so he could look her over. When she agreed, he told her that she wasn’t good enough for him, and that Louie Ramos could have her. Louie climbed into the ring, and Diamond looked to be horrified.

Out of nowhere, the Patriot was in the ring to assist her. He had a brief scuffle with Ramos, who got out of the ring quickly. Ramos grabbed the mic and challenged the Patriot, who accepted, and the match was set for later in the evening.

SABOTAGE w/ Vegas Nick
DANNY YAMZ w/ The Elm Street Kids

The PWX Debut of Vegas Nick, new manager for Sabotage, unfortunately was not enough for Sabotage to get the win. Danny Yamz came to the ring with the Elm Street Kids and fans behind him, where Sabotage attempted to tire out Yamz with his speed advantage. Yamz was able to keep up however, and pull of the win despite several attempts to gain an advantage by Vegas Nick.

Future Number One Contenders Match

The winner of this match is guaranteed the next shot at the PWX Championship. Kazaar came out to the ring first and let the fans know he was better than each and every one of them. The place erupted for Archadia, who is becoming one of the better wrestlers on the Indy circuit. Ed Kazaar came to wrestle, and this contest was back and forth until Referee Just Johnny took a spill after being caught in the corner during a corner splash by Archadia. Just as Johnny went down, from the locker room came Resin, who once again attacked Archadia. Resin drove Archadias heat into the mat and then walked over to the stage for the Microphone. That was all Ed Kazaar needed to crawl over and make a cover, getting the 3 count, the victory, and the next shot at the Championship, at PWX IV!

Resin lashed out at PWX Owner Billy Rivell for taking his title shot away, and giving it to Chris Candido. Rivell explained to him there was nothing he could do about it, and Resin demanded Candido come out and face him. Candido came flying out of the Locker room, and told Resin that he deserved the shot more, and that he was willing to put his title shot on the line against Resin “right now” and went to the ring.

For the shot at the PWX Championship
RESIN w/ Crazy Daisy

Resin accepted the match and the 2 men exploded at each other. Resin gave Candido all he could handle, and Candido gave it right back. At ringside, Crazy Daisy made her way around the ring, looking for any opportunity to help out her man. She got a few chances, but the veteran Candido had her pretty well scouted out. Daisy climbed up onto the ring apron and Candido decided to go after her, taking the referees attention away from Resin, who stood ready to knock out Candido with a chain. When Resins plan failed, Candido took his chance to use the chain. The only problem occurred when the ref caught Candido with the chain, and immediately disqualified him, giving Resin the DQ win and match with Shock in the main event. Candido got even with daisy, and he grabbed her, kissed her, and made sure she got a good spanking before he left the ring.

Billy Rivell then introduced PWX Newcomer Steve the Teacher, who came to the stage very unhappy about his locker room conditions, as well as some other complaints about Brick, NJ. The Teacher began berating Rivell, for not referring to his segment as “After School Detention”. At this point Rivell grabbed the mic, and told Teacher that he was sick and tired of having guys like him trying to call the shots, and wasn’t going to be intimidated by anyone. Rivell then introduced his new Head of Security, the 450-pound Mass Destruction. Steve the Teacher took one look at Mass Destruction and took off to the locker room. Rivell then made a match against the 2 for later in the show.

Survivor Elimination Match

In this match, only the wrestler pinned had to leave the ring, his partner could continue. The sensational one brought Dirty Money to the ring as his partner, as his normal Partner and Manager were both unable to attend the event. Prior to the match, Z Unit arrived at the building and demanded to be included in the match, to prove they could be a force in PWX.
Order of elimination:
Sensational One, Dirty Money, 2 Sweet, Rayza
Mr. Motion, Heartbreaker, and Z Barr decided to team up on Psycho. Rayza and Danny Yamz came running back to ringside to cheer on Psycho. Psycho was able to fight his way back and eliminate Z Barr. At this point there was total chaos with almost all of the wrestlers in this match back at the ring, fighting on the floor. When the smoke cleared, Only Psycho was left in the ring, while both members of Extreme Fahrenheit were counted out on the floor.
Winner: Psycho (Elm Street Kids)

Steve the Teacher was visibly shaken up before this match, but was still able to bring the fight to the huge Mass Destruction. The teacher used speed to his advantage, but it didn’t take long for Mass Destruction to grab hold of him, and eventually dominate the match and get the victory on behalf of Billy Rivell

THE PATRIOT w/ Diamond
The fans in attendance were on they’re feet for The Patriot, who was accompanied by Diamond. Ramos brought his rough style into this match and dominated Patriot in the early part of the match. Patriot had the fans behind him, and was able to fight his way back, each time having his comeback stopped by Deion Dollaz out on the floor. Patriot was able to get a little revenge on both of them, but the shocker came when the referee was distracted by Dollaz. With the refs back turned, Diamond climbed into the ring, and just as she was about to help the Patriot, she ended up betraying him, and leaving him set up for Ramos, who looked like he was about to win. Her plan didn’t work, as Patriot was able to break the pin at the last possible moment. It looked like Diamond had won over the heart of Deion Dollaz, but seconds later Ramos was Uncle Slammed and defeated by the Patriot. Ramos, Dollaz, and Diamond managed to leave the ring together, but none looked very happy afterward.

PWX Championship
RESIN w/ Crazy Daisy
Resin came to the ring demanding it be a no DQ match, which turned out to be his downfall in the end. Shock proved once again why he is a championship quality wrestler in this match. He had been preparing for Candido, but was able to adapt to Resins style of attack very early on. Shock seemed prepared for every time Daisy attempted to cheat, and when he had had enough of her climbing on the ring, he managed to run over and clobber her to the ground, to much enjoyment of the crowd. After nailing Resin with the Shockwave, Resin showed why he was a quality challenger as he kicked out of the champions finishing move. At this time, Mass Destruction decided to repay Resin for getting in Rivells face earlier, as he hit the ring and pounded Resin into the ground with a vicious attack. Shock put Resin away with the Aftershock Moonsault, and retains the PWX Championship.

Be sure to keep checking back, and keep your Eye out for PWX IV, hopefully sometime around July / August 2005.


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